Vision and Objectives

The GFSC's objectives are to:

  1. Engage the International Safety Bodies, so to contribute in the safety activities in the region.

  2. Participate in modifying the regulations within the region and worldwide to effectively serve “Safety”.

  3. Educate the regional community in Aviation Safety by arranging activities such as:

    • Safety Seminars, Conferences
    • Safety related training Programs

    • Workshops

    • Forums

  1. Share specific safety measures that are proven to be effective for an Airline; so it can be utilized by others.

  2. Disseminate safety related information to frontline workers by utilizing all available means.

  3. Bring together key people in the aviation sector  for the purpose of  highlighting safety information in an unrestricted but confidential environment.

  4. Share specific experiences  for the mutual benefit of all, and learn from each other

  5. Present/arrange topics of interest, development  and relevance to improve operational safety and intelligence  

  6. Regularly engage with safety bodies/authorities/ministries  and relevant industry, to both learn from, and encourage where appropriate, regulation/operational/manual changes.

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